We have at your disposal a wide range of spare parts, all guaranteed by Caterpillar, for when and where you need them.

Spare parts

We pride ourselves in Caterpillar after-sales service being our strong point. Through the years, ELTRAK’s spare parts department have ensured a timely and reliable part delivery, while demonstrably remaining by your side at all times.
So as to satisfy the needs of the Greek market in Caterpillar spare parts in the best possible way, ELTRAK maintain an extensive stock, in order to be able to cover the entire country. In addition to our central warehouse in Kifissia (20,000 product codes), our partners can locate spare parts in Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Larissa and Ptolemaida (1,100 product codes). Immediate availability of spare parts –from our main warehouse– is up to 80%, while, through our regular, daily communication with Caterpillar’s facilities in Grimbergen (Belgium), 96% of spare parts can be made available within 24 hours.
Further facilitating spare part selection and supply, ELTRAK’s partners have access to our B2B internet system and, through that, enjoy 24/7 access to information, direct monitoring of availability and ordering, personalized services (i.e. choice of delivery method and place, the possibility of connecting to one’s ERP, personalized pricing policy, classified access, access to financial data and documents), plus easy-to-use and functional from any platform spare part search tools; all these in a secure, user-friendly environment, thus enjoying the solutions needed for greater productivity and adaptability to the digital era.