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Equipment for rent

Complete solutions with one phone-call

At ELTRAK we are proud to offer complete equipment solutions to our customers; we have the right equipment for every job. Whether you have a project to complete, or a special task arises that your fleet may not be able to undertake, or even when some machinery is out of order for repair or maintenance, you can always trust the ELTRAK rental team to supply the right equipment right where and when you need it.

We provide access to a wide range of machinery and equipment for rent as follows:
– Short-term rentals (daily, weekly or monthly rental)
– Long-term rentals (multi-month or multi-year lease)
– Lease with the possibility of the buy-out.
The equipment on offer is constantly increased and adapted to meet your requirements according to your needs.


A smart solution with significant benefits and advantages that includes renting the following:

Earthmovers (Earthmoving machines, Skid steer loaders, Mini excavators, Backhoe loaders, Soil vibratory rammers)

Hand tools (hydraulic hammers, Vibratory asphalt/soil plates, Asphalt saws,)
Sound attenuated electric power generators from 20 kVA to 700 kVA (for backup or continuous generator operation)

Lifting Machines (electric and diesel hammers),

Feel free to contact us in order for us to help you choose the appropriate equipment for your needs, accompanied by the assurance of Caterpillar and ELTRAK.

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