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The proper operation of your Caterpillar is what we’re here for

Maintenance & Repair

Caterpillar, a global company, are renowned for their quality and services at all product stages: before, during and after the sale. The greatest of emphasis is given especially after-sales, be it for maintenance or repair. The uninterrupted operation of your Caterpillar is a personal bet for all of us here at ELTRAK; we would not have it otherwise.

The facilities of our fully equipped workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki enable us to undertake all repairs of any Caterpillar, making the most of our specialized departments in:

• Turbo repairs
• Engine testing
• Transmission system repairs
• Hydraulic system repairs
• Electrical and electronic components repairs
• Rolling system repairs

On our way to continuously improving our services, we are constantly investing both in human resources (75 technicians and engineers) and in equipment (dynamometers up to 2000HPhydaulic cylinders tst bench, specialized tools etc.). Through our 20 mobile, fully equipped units (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Heraklion, Patras) we aim to satisfy our customers’ repair needs nationwide.

Our workshops also offer special programs:

• Rebuilding of machinery be it complete or partial (engine, torque converter-transmission system, differentials, hydraulic pumps and motors).

• Customer Service Agreements

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