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An alternative repair proposal

Second-hand made new again

The Caterpillar range of remanufactured parts –known as Reman– is an alternative to repairing important machinery parts by reducing time and cost of such repairing.
The Reman series covers components such as engine cylinder heads, injectors, diesel pumps, crankshafts and camshafts, turbos, hydraulic pumps, starters, alternators, or even fully rebuilt engines and many more spare parts and components.
Said spare parts are rebuilt at the Caterpillar factory according to the manufacturer’s original specifications, while all repair consumables (bearings, seals, etc) are replaced before undergoing the same quality checks and functional inspection as all Caterpillar spare parts go through.
The range of remanufactured spare parts translates to:

• Lower repair prices through the return of the old spare or other part needing repair or replacement
• Quality spare parts according to Caterpillar specifications
• Warranty identical to the warranty covering new spare parts

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