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As the engine is the key part of all machinery, genuine Caterpillar parts must be your only choice. Built on strict factory specifications, they are designed to cover all needs that may arise during the repair of an engine and ensure its longevity.

Transmission System
The right spare part is the spare part that works. Opt for genuine Caterpillar parts for your machine’s transmission. Caterpillar powertrains are designed and manufactured as complete systems (Total System Design) in order to deliver maximum performance. Opting for suitable, genuine spare parts is not only beneficial to the parts themselves and their optimum performance, but also to the service life and operation of both the transmission system and the machine as a whole.

Hydraulic circuit

How will your machine perform to the maximum? Proper maintenance of the hydraulic circuit is one of the crucial factors. The gradual decrease in performance over time is not easily detectable until it leads to an immediate loss of productivity.

ELTRAK have all the spare parts for repairing pumps and motors, cylinders resealing, hoses constriction and repair press at our headquarters in Athens. Using genuine Caterpillar parts ensures the equipment’s optimum performance.

Rolling system

Depending on the size of the machine and the type of work it is called upon to carry out, the cost of replacing its rolling system can extend to 50% of the repair and maintenance costs of the machine itself.
Genuine Caterpillar parts are designed to work as a complete system, providing the machine’s highest efficiency at the lowest possible cost per hour.

Depending on the type of equipment, Caterpillar offer various types of rolling systems to cover Caterpillar owners’ needs for reduced cost, longevity and optimum efficiency.

Contact ELTRAK for the proper guidance in relation to your machine and its operation and for the evaluation of its rolling system, carried out through special technical checks (Caterpillar CTS).
Operating spare parts: tips, adapters, edges ( G.E.T)

Choosing the correct operating spare parts can result in a big difference in the productivity of the machine, its operating costs and ultimately in your profitability.
For this reason, Caterpillar have developed spare parts according to the operating conditions of each machine and each workplace.
Count on ELTRAK for the right choice that will ensure you will enjoy complete protection, maximum lifespan and the lowest cost per ton of production.



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Transmission System


Hydraulic Circuit


Rolling System


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