Cat Repair Options

Repair Options

New genuine Cat® parts provide the highest level of performance and protection for your machine. Each part is manufactured to precise specifications that guarantee durability, productivity and reliability.
We have a variety of offers in the range of genuine Cat parts giving you the opportunity to benefit of those in combination with our service and maintenance packages.
You can also order your spare parts 24/7 securely through our online B2B system.

Engine repair options

The engine is the heart beating in every machine. Genuine Caterpillar parts covering all possible needs for an engine repair are designed according to precise factory specifications and will ensure a “second wind” for the engine of your machine.

Transmission Repair Options

Not only must it fit, but it must also work! Choose genuine Cat parts for your machine’s transmission. Caterpillar transmission systems are designed and manufactured as integrated systems (Total System Design). Their components are selected in order to deliver maximum overall efficiency and total effectiveness. Using suitable, genuine spare parts not only translates to the longevity of the spare parts themselves and their optimum operation, but also prolongs the transmission system’s and the machine’s service life as a whole.

Hydraulic circuits and engine repair options

Proper maintenance of the hydraulic circuit is essential to optimize your machine’s efficiency. The expected gradual decline in yield over time will be difficult to perceive until it leads to an immediate loss of efficiency and productivity.

All spare parts for the repair of pumps and motors, the sealing of cylinders but also the hose press are available in ELTRAK’s main store in Athens.

Using genuine Caterpillar spare parts will ensure your machine’s performance to the maximum of its design and capabilities.


Basic Parts (basic repair)

The most economical yet necessary repair, by reusing some spare parts; replaces all basic spare parts that cannot be reused such as gaskets, bearings, etc.


Basic Parts Plus

Extensive repair by replacing damaged or failed parts and components; requires the inspection of the component’s history and its inspection.


Dealer Exchange

Replacement of parts and components by ELTRAK repaired parts and components.


CAT® Reman

Replacement of parts and components by Caterpillar rebuilt parts and components. The warranty extension is linked and subject to a maintenance contract.


CAT® New

Relating to new factory parts and components such as engines, hydraulic pumps and gearboxes. The warranty extension is linked and subject to a maintenance contract.