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Timely and excellent maintenance and/or repair of your generator

Specialized know-how

We know that determining the right choice and/or combination of generator sets for power generation must take into account all aspects of operating needs; choosing the right size and model is only the beginning.
From initial feasibility studies to creating detailed equipment specifications, our consultants will work with your team of engineers in order to develop a complete solution meeting your requirements; to reduce operating costs and/or business risk, to improve efficiency and/or to comply with the latest technological and environmental standards.
When it comes to maintenance, especially for main use units, apart from the quality of the maintenance itself, proper record keeping of all maintenance, so as to reduce repair frequency and downtime, is a must.
Our long-standing, experienced technicians are well versed in the construction of an electric generating couple. In addition, participating continuously in technical seminars, they remain up to date with all the latest developments. They are therefore your knowledgeable, reliable partners at all times.
Our specialized staff can respond and operate quickly so as to ensure minimum downtime and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted power generation.
Among others, our services include:

• Notification and monitoring
• Charge sharing
• Generator troubleshooting
• Engine troubleshooting
• Wide coverage through our on-site service teams based in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Heraklion
• Complete generator repair

Preventive maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance of your Cat power set to maximize its service life and reduce unplanned downtime.
Specialized engine workshop
Our teams of experienced technicians perform repairs and thorough inspections in shorter periods of time and at a controlled cost. Our staff is passionate and enthusiastic, our skills are ensured by regular training, while our advanced equipment allows us to work safely and efficiently.
A dyno and an electric bench allow us to perform our diagnostic tests, thus having made our Specialized Engine Workshop a reference point for the whole of Greece.

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