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Innovative material storage, management and handling, solutions for your toughest applications.

Complete lifting and transporting solutions

We at ELTRAK offer complete equipment solutions for the handling of your goods. The full range of Caterpillar lift trucks contributes conclusively to the optimization of the logistics of goods storage, management and handling

Cat® Lift Trucks aim to be a global leader in material handling applications by detailed analysis of the needs of different markets, by identifying the most appropriate solutions and by adopting the most advanced and innovative technologies. At the same time, Cat® Lift Trucks are committed to maintaining the technological superiority of its products, in terms of reliability, durability, productivity, safety, and operator comfort.

The entire range of Caterpillar lift trucks that is available at ELTRAK is also available for short-term or long-term lease and may be accompanied by a periodic maintenance and repair agreement supported by ELTRAK dealers throughout Greece.


Categories of Caterpillar lift trucks

Caterpillar counterbalanced lifts

• Diesel Powered counterbalanced lift trucks (2.0 – 10.0 tons)
• LPG Gas Powered counterbalanced lift trucks (1.5 – 7.00 tons)
• Electric counterbalanced lift trucks (1.4 – 5.0 tons)

Caterpillar warehouse lifters

• Manual pallet trucks (2.5 tons)
• Electric pallet trucks (1.2 – 2.5 tons)

Electric pallet trucks with lifting capacity stackers (1.0 – 2.0 tons)

• Order collection vehicles ORDER PICKERS (1.2 – 2.5 ton)
• VNA order collection vehicles (1.1 – 2.0 tonnes)
• Reach Trucks (1.4 – 2.5 tonnes)
• Tow trucks (3.4 – 2.5 tonnes)


Caterpillar Lifting Stackers are designed to provide solutions under any conditions. The “I” Series models provide an initial lift off the ground for work on ramps. The ‘S’ Series models are equipped with open support legs for handling closed pallets on all four sides. The range includes the following models:

a) Pedestrian lifters

b) Platform lifts

c) Double stacking with platform

d) Standing operator lifts

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Manual and electric pallet trucks (Pedestrian & Ride-On Pallet Tucks)

These quiet and powerful pallet trucks are ideal for transporting cargo. They are powered by an AC motor and have excellent traction on-ramps so that there is no way of inadvertent reversing, even when loaded. There are also various drive or cargo wheel options to cover all applications. Available as hand pallet jacks, with a platform, seated operator and standing operator, Caterpillar electric pallet trucks are the ideal solution for your warehouse.



Order Pickers

Whether picking at low, medium, or high altitudes, Caterpillar order pickers offer a competitive advantage. Why? Because there is a machine for each application and because all machines are designed with the comfort of their operators in mind. A comfortable operator and ergonomic, fingertip controls, translate to better order collection and greater workload being handled in each shift. This series includes the following models: a) Low-level order collection machines, b) Medium level order collection machines and c) High-level order collection machines.

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Reach Trucks

Designed with paramount parameters such as quality and durability and operator comfort in mind, the NR-N Series Lifts feature top-of-the-line lift capacity, spacious operator cab, improved ergonomics and a “powerRamic” web with integrated hydraulic cylinders, in order to significantly improve the visibility of the operator from the ground to the highest level of work. The machines have a boot system with a PIN code for up to 30 different operators to prevent unauthorized use. In addition, a technician can adjust up to 25 parameters so as to adapt the lift to each operator’s capabilities and needs.


Maintenance schedule

Regular maintenance by authorized ELTRAK technicians can reduce lost time and extend the life of your machinery. Our maintenance schedules ensure timely and professional service and provide our customers with accurate cost estimates resulting in total control of their operating costs. In addition to adding to the resale value of machinery, these maintenance schedules are designed to improve forklift performance, optimize the use and maximize work productivity. In both our central warehouses and branches we have a full range of spare parts for all types and models of lifts; spare parts that are not immediately available are delivered within 24 hours of ordering.

Machinery warranty

All machines are covered by a 12-month warranty. Said warranty can be extended from 36 to 60 months either at additional cost or a maintenance contract.

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