The ELTRAK Team welcomes you. We are here to offer you the solutions you need.

A few words about our team

ELTRAK’s Management Team have known demonstrably the way to keep our company at the top; it has been decades since we paved the way to the pinnacle of excellence and we have yet to sheer off it for any reason whatsoever.

Our in-depth know-how, our excellent market knowledge, our considerable experience, painstakingly obtained through the years, have contributed to the continuous development of our company, either as a whole or for each of its sectors.

A common denominator is our dedication, not only to Caterpillar, a company we have been inseparably connected with since our establishment back in 1982, but also to the other companies our Group gradually adds to its portfolio, i.e. MaK, Palfinger, JLG, Powerscreen and MB.

Ours is a tried and tested team; either through expected cooperation or, at times, constructive confrontation, we have proved our worthiness and readiness, by having successfully established important milestones in our Group’s history. There exist unique qualities and admirable qualifications in our team that are further enhanced by introducing to it new, worthy executives so as to strengthen the team and renew its purpose on the way to achieving even greater goals.

Given the name and fame of the companies we have chosen to represent, to excel in every task we undertake is the only way forward. In all cases, all decisions, plans and steps our Management Team undertake are based on the principles and values that will always describe our company; these being innovation, perfection, teamwork, integrity and performance.

Natasha Kova-Kneiss
Fragkiskos Doukeris
Haralampos Merkouris
Haris Grammatikas
Giannis Botsifaras
Alvertos Diamantopoulos
Dimitris Pirounakis
Spyros Psomadelis
Nikos Boutas