New-Age Digital Solutions

Equipment Management

Monitoring your equipment allows you to fix issues even before you’re aware they might pose a problem. ELTRAK have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to provide the support needed for you to easily manage your equipment, so as to enjoy maximum benefit at the lowest possible operating cost.
Explore the newest and most powerful tools (shown below) or contact us to help you get started.


My.Cat.Com (Cat App for smartphone or tablet use) is a means to remain connected to your equipment data. This simple, user-friendly fleet-management tool allows you to track maintenance, monitor equipment, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.


VisionLink is an easy-to-use website that collects all your equipment data transmitted by Cat Product Link. Through VisionLink you have access to customized status and usage reports, as well as enhanced mapping, mixed fleet capabilities and much more.


Through Cat Inspect you may carry out electronic checks and inspections of your equipment with photos, comments and ratings.

This is another easy-to-use application allowing users to accomplish checks and inspections online with photos, comments and ratings; through Preventive Maintenance (PM) checklists and carrying out proposed tasks at appropriate intervals.

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