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Inauguration of Elastrak's New Tyre Logistics Center in Thessaloniki

6000m² with 10 loading bays and 2 drive-ins, modern efficiency & sustainability standards, as it consumes 100% green energy through photovoltaics.

We proudly inaugurated the new tyre distribution and storage center of ELASTRAK, a member of the ELTRAK group. Built from the ground up on our own property in Thessaloniki, it meets all modern specifications. With FM2 level ground flatness and Z3 level fire protection, this center is a benchmark and milestone in the evolution of our company.

José Enrique Gonzalez, Vice President South Europe Bridgestone ΕΜΕΑ

The ribbon of the new, state-of-the-art tyre logistics center in Thessaloniki was cut by José Enrique Gonzalez, Vice President South Europe of Bridgestone EMEA. This investment will significantly enhance the storage and supply capabilities for tyres, with the prospect of hosting new collaborations. It marks the operation of one of ELASTRAK's most important logistics centers in Northern Greece, emphasizing sustainability and giving a significant boost to growth.

Mrs. Natasha Covas-Kneiss, CEO, Eltrak, Mr. Schreier Alexei, CEO CP Holdings LTD, Mr. José Enrique Gonzalez, Vice President South Europe Bridgestone ΕΜΕΑ

It was truly our pleasure to welcome partners, friends, and journalists who made this moment special with their presence. Everyone was there: representatives from the parent company CP Holdings, the leadership of Bridgestone, and our good partners from Northern Greece who honored us with their presence. 

Mr. Panagiotis Diamantopoulos, Managing Director, Elastrak

Mr. Marco Federzoni, Sales Director Webfleet Italy, Mr. Pantelis Koukianakis, Technical Manager, Elastrak (From left to right)

During the inauguration, we had the opportunity to present to our partners the new Webfleet telematics program, Europe's number one fleet management solution, endorsed by Bridgestone, through a live demonstration. This is the most comprehensive choice one can make to prepare their fleet according to the new regulations regarding CO2 emissions recording and reporting. This solution monitors fleet vehicles, reduces costs, and increases safety and productivity.

Every opportunity is a reason to celebrate, and this time was no different. We enjoyed wonderful molecular signature cocktails and tasted unique Greek flavors, as only Thessaloniki knows how to offer. We wish everyone successful business ventures and promise that the Eltrak Group will always be dynamically present, ready to implement every new plan that promotes growth and innovation.

The team of Elastrak, Eltrak, Bridgestone, Webfleet & CP Holdings

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