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Posidonia 2024, the Grand Celebration of Shipping: We Were There!

Eltrak, representing the iconic brands Caterpillar, MaK, and Palfinger, made a dynamic presence at the grand celebration of shipping, Posidonia 2024. This event had everything: 2,038 exhibitors from 138 countries, both directly and indirectly connected to the sea and shipping, gathered at the Metropolitan Expo to exchange information on innovative technologies, products, techniques, and strategies related to seamanship.


Making a strong comeback after several years, Eltrak welcomed existing and potential partners and friends at booth 2.525, where the "driving force" of Caterpillar, a 3516 engine weighing 10 tons, stood prominently. Also featured were a Palfinger PK 16.001M marine knuckle boom crane and genuine MaK spare parts.


Eltrak offers comprehensive solutions to its partners, which include a wide range of top brands and are distinguished by specialized services both before and after product delivery. Starting with the mapping of each project's needs, Eltrak supports its products with specialized maintenance services, such as flexible Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) and repairs, thanks to its experienced technical staff and genuine Cat and MaK spare parts.


The Eltrak team operates quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum vessel availability. What truly sets Eltrak apart is its Specialized Marine Applications Workshop, with extensive coverage throughout Greece. This workshop offers services including diagnostics, on-site repairs, overhauls, dynamometer testing, inspections, trials, upgrades, and modifications, among others. It is a point of reference in the maritime sector, as confirmed by the numerous partners we had the pleasure of hosting at our booth or meeting with on the sidelines of the Posidonia exhibition.

Caterpillar Marine Info

Caterpillar has been a leading brand on land and sea for nearly a century and a half, constantly evolving with core principles such as shared benefit, innovation, and sustainability. Choosing to collaborate with a reliable supplier offering top-tier service on a global scale is extremely important. Caterpillar offers a wide selection of marine engines and generators for various purposes. Specifically, the 3500 series has a broad range of applications from Tug & Salvage and Offshore to Ferries and Yachts. The recent 3500E editions meet the latest IMO III emission regulations and can also use alternative/synthetic fuels such as Biodiesel/HVO. By 2026, the first 3500E engines will operate using methanol as fuel. These dual-fuel engines will have the capability to consume diesel or a diesel-methanol blend depending on availability. Besides Caterpillar engines, ELTRAK can also offer its customers complete solutions for electric propulsion and hybrid systems, thus providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for every type of project.

A 10-Ton Marine Engine, a Centerpiece at the Eltrak Booth

Palfinger Marine Info

In the maritime sector, Palfinger Marine offers a wide range of products, maintaining the quality characteristic of the Austrian brand: a large series of cranes and load-handling systems ranging from 30mt to 6750mt, with extensive applications from fish farming to offshore platforms. Additionally, Palfinger Marine is one of the largest manufacturers of ship lifeboats (LSA), providing lifeboats and rescue boats along with their launch and recovery systems. Their portfolio is complemented by fenders, essential equipment for both ships and ports.

At the international Posidonia 2024 exhibition, the maritime world had the opportunity to explore one of Palfinger's latest products, the PK16.001M marine knuckle boom crane, equipped with a stainless-steel control base. This crane is suitable for fish farming, fishing vessels, and as a supply crane on tugs and auxiliary boats.

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