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Rental vs. purchase of heavy machinery, equipment and vehicles

Learn all about Caterpillar's short-or long-term equipment rental

The use of Caterpillar construction machinery can be an integral part of the successful implementation of construction projects. The wide range of available machinery offers high performance and reliability, making Caterpillar the right choice for construction professionals. From excavators and loaders to generators and work equipment, the extensive range of machinery provides multiple options tailored to the needs of each project.
Eltrak, always following Caterpillar's quality standards, offers you the flexibility you need in your work with the possibility of renting equipment and construction machinery.

Why rent used loaders, excavators, hoes, earthmoving and other heavy machinery

Renting used loaders, backhoes, earthmoving machinery, excavators and other heavy machinery is a smart choice for every professional. Used equipment offers flexible economic solutions without, however, falling behind in performance and reliability. You simply have to choose the right partner.

With a partner like Eltrak, who knows Caterpillars better than anyone on the market, you can be at ease. From loaders and excavators to trucks and generators, Eltrak guarantees that their performance will exceed any expectations.

Finally, renting used equipment allows immediate availability, saving time, and increasing efficiency of construction projects.

What are the benefits of renting heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment?

There are many cases in which the purchase of a machine may not be ideal. The requirements of the projects you undertake may vary but the lack of equipment should not hinder your work and you should not feel obligated to buy a whole new machine to use only in one instance. Rental ability offers flexibility that will prove valuable, enhancing your performance and effectiveness.
1. Save money by renting heavy machinery

You no longer have to wait for your business to grow. Renting equipment is significantly cheaper, so you can allocate your budget without the pressure of needing to buy new equipment.

2. Responding to project requirements using rented Cat machines

The difficulties of the job are many. So are the requirements. Without the right equipment, the proper completion of your work becomes impossible.

If a special project arises, the ability to rent from Eltrak can provide you with what you need to complete your work in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Easy replacement of non-functional equipment with rented Cat machines

When one of your machines breaks down, it's in for repair or maintenance, you don't have to wait for it to come out of the shop. You can immediately and easily rent equipment for the time you need.

4. Rental of heavy machinery for short-term projects

Your needs are what define your equipment. With Caterpillar equipment rentals you have access to our wide variety of machines for a day, a week, a month, or whatever period suits you.

Some of your machines are useful for very specific applications and tasks. By renting equipment you always have the machines you need to complete your work.

5. Variety of available rental equipment
At Eltrak the equipment offered is constantly expanding and adapting to meet your requirements and needs. We make sure to offer the right equipment exactly when and where you need it.

You can find earthmoving machinery (hydraulic excavators, dozers, excavator loaders, side-skid loaders, vibrating earth compressors), and parts (hydraulic hammers, asphalt cutting wheels, road milling machines).

6. Sustainability with rented machinery

The European Rental Association states, “Rental ticks all the boxes in fulfilling circular economy principles... Rental allows for less waste through shared usage of assets, extending the lifetime of equipment and putting emphasis on proper recycling.”

As a rental customer, you could also benefit from the ability to rent machines with fuel usage that matches your emissions goals.

Through our website you can be informed about the Caterpillar rental machines currently in stock and their availability, as well as attachments and work tools. Our website is constantly updated.

What to look for when renting construction machinery

The most important thing to consider before renting a machine or equipment is your supplier. Choose a reliable supplier that will guarantee the quality of your machines.

Eltrak is the official dealer for Caterpillar machines in Greece and guarantees that each of its machines meets the high standards set by Caterpillar. At the same time, you do not have to worry about previous inspections and service, as all procedures are completed before the machine reaches your hands.

Learn all about Eltrak's used Caterpillar machinery

Where to find used Caterpillar machinery for rent?

Before renting a used Caterpillar machine, make sure you contact an official representative of the company. Eltrak, as an official dealer in Greece, can provide you with the reliability of Caterpillar and a wide range of machines and equipment for rent with 3 rental options:

●Short-term rentals (daily, weekly or monthly)
●Long term rentals (multi-month or multi-year lease)
●Lease with option to redeem

Find all available equipment for rent

Which used equipment categories does Caterpillar offer for rent?

Depending on the supplier you choose, you will find a wide variety of available machines. Eltrak is constantly expanding the range of equipment offered to meet more and more manufacturing needs.
Among others you will find:

●Earthmoving machinery (hydraulic excavators, dozers, excavator loaders, side-skid loaders, vibrating earth compressors)
●Working parts (hydraulic hammers, asphalt cutting wheels, road milling machines)
●Soundproof generating sets from 20 kVA to 700 kVA (F for backup or continuous operation G generators)
●Lifting Machinery (Electric and Diesel Forklifts)

In addition, you can rent a specific component that adapts to a machine you already have, such as bins for loaders

Contact us to choose, with the help of our specialized, technical staff, the appropriate equipment, with the guarantee and know-how of Caterpillar, based on your needs.

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