Wishes for a great summer from CAT Magazine

Wishes for a great summer from CAT Magazine

The new issue of the Cat Magazine, right on its time, comes along with new and interesting stories from the Caterpillar brand in Greece and around the world.

Caterpillar is not just an internationally renowned brand. It has long exceeded the limits of a brand, reaching the philosophy of an “idea” and a “vision” that unites people and serves society. Several times, there have been tasks that have been performed and accomplished, thanks to the know-how and perfection of the CAT equipment otherwise it would have been impossible. And we are proud of that!
In ELTRAK we never stop working, having in priority to stand by our customers and the society with consistency & stability, and innovative products. Our partners, for some of whom you will have the opportunity to read in this issue, always support us effectively in our mission.
We collaborate with the Hellenic Seaways. We supply three new, state-of-the-art Aero Catamaran ships with Caterpillar marine engines and generator sets. We organize training seminars including theory and practice as well, for the optimal use of Caterpillar machines and equipment. Our focus is on explaining the best of the new digital technologies and give information about the eco specifications.
On an international level, our Caterpillar partners are the key players who help open the Suez Canal quickly and efficiently, detaching the Ever Given, which had completely blocked the passage. In addition, we meet the Druyak family from Israel who stay united and make progress thanks to the passion they have for the Caterpillar brand and philosophy.
And many more that you will have the opportunity to see while browsing the summer Cat Magazine.
Have fun and enjoy your summer!

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