The Ellinikon - the largest urban regeneration project in Greece - rents the new XQP generators from Eltrak - Eltrak Cat - Κατασκευές, Εξορύξεις, Λατομεία, Ανυψωτικά

Reliable and sustainable energy for the needs of The Ellinikon offices with XQP generator sets

The Ellinikon has entrusted the Eltrak Rental program, the excellent service of Eltrak group, and the incomparable quality of Caterpillar, for its energy needs. The new XQP generators efficiently, and with an emphasis on sustainability, meet the energy needs of the offices where the Lamda and Hill staff are housed to supervise the Hellenic Agios Kosmos Metropolitan City Infrastructure Projects. The benefits of XQP generator models
The XQP500 generators have optimized fuel consumption. Clutch fan drive technology, where the fan no longer needs to run continuously at full speed and power, is an innovative new addition that conserves fuel while also reducing noise; ideal features when operating at lower loads, in cooler temperatures, or, most importantly, at night, when noise levels are most noticeable. But the benefits don't end there: 24-hour double-wall fuel tank with 110% leakage containment (environmental protection) Suspension points using a hoist and crane Certified spark arrester system Choice of 50 and 60 Hz operation EU Stage V class pollutants Coastal insulation protection (CIP), i.e. protection against the effects/corrosion of the marine environment

Where EU Stage V class pollutants make a difference

EU Stage V pollutants bring you one step closer to achieving your environmental goals.

Building sustainability certifications

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard was created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Since its launch in 2000, it has certified more than 102,000 buildings worldwide.
Ellinikon has acquired LEED sustainability certification, and as such, has chosen to rent XQP generators that comply with the assessment criteria.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the most well-known and successful international standard that sets requirements for an environmental management system. Its purpose is to provide a framework for the organization to systematically protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions. The innovative XQP generators are synchronized with these environmental standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Renting a generator set with emissions management is one of the most effective practices for companies and organizations that wish to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and show that they are making an active effort to ensure the sustainability of their activities.

We are very pleased that Ellinikon has entrusted the Eltrak Rental program to rent the innovative XQP generators; we know they will meet the energy requirements.

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